Month: September 2020


I’ve just seen Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s video WAP – Wet Ass Pussy – and I’m outraged. Would that hip-hop song with pornographic undercurrents have been allowed in my day? As I watched it in disbelief, it made me ponder: did we behave with such godless disdain for the parameters established by decency …

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Sweet Bird Of Paradise

                                                           Sweet Bird Of Paradise My sweet bird of paradise I miss you it seems so long since you been away from home  my sweet bird of paradise I miss you night and day spread your wings come fly your way back home My sweet bird of paradise you’ve gone so far away they say if …

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Snow white

In a land a long time ago there was a young girl with skin as white as snow Her hair was black and her face was pale and she is the subject of a very strange tale Poor snow white so young and innocent she had to go and live with seven strange men Seven …

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Seven years

Well I ain’t a very superstitious guy I think it’s bad luck and I’ll tell you why I looked in the mirror early one morn’ and said mirror mirror who’s the fairest of all  I heard a voice behind my back it said it ain’t you baby and that’s a fact I thought to myself …

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I’d like to be Patrick Swayze he’s got a degree in philosophy He’s worked as a bouncer in a roadhouse bar  Well he’s a dirty dancer he’s a Hollywood star Well he’s a hotrod engine he’s a lovin’ machine he’s the cutest dancer I ever  Did see he looks like a model when he plays …


Open Sesame

A genie came to me one day from a bottle someone’d thrown away he said three wishes to you I’ll grant I said there’s only one thing I want well she’s a called sesame and it’s hard to say if she’s a dream or a fairytale but each time I call her name she doesn’t …

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