On a nightflite through the Milky Way

We took a wrong turn and we lost our way

The engine took a turn for the worse

So I came down to take a look at the earth

At first I thought I’d like this place 

But now I’m running from the human race

Scottie please tell me what you’re waiting for

Please get me out of here I can’t take any more


Beam me up beam me up Scottie

You got to get me outta here 

Beam me up beam me up scottie 

I need another atmosphere 

I really didn’t  wanna come down here 

The engine failed and I needed some air

But now I’m getting’ kinda scared

My time’s up Scottie get the engine repaired

I really wanna stop this planet

It’s goin round and round 

My brains are getting’ scattered

When at first I came around I really didn’t know what was going down

I tried to call you on the radio if you’re still up there could you tell me so

It used to be nice and I thought they cared

But now since you’ve disappeared

It seems to me they’re getting’ kinda weird

Scottie you bastard don’t leave me down here 

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