Captain Blood

I was just a young boy when I first set out to sea the army didn’t want me so I joined the navy I learned to use a sabre and I learned to use a gun I’ll take the Queen’s silver but i’ll take orders from no one


So lock up your daughters ’cause Captain Blood is here I serve no King or country and my God is liberty my boat is my treasure on the seven seas I roam my ship is my wife and the ocean is my home 

So I led the crew in a mutiny we tied up the captain and we threw him in the sea  we came across a ship which we plundered then we sank we captured all the crew and then we made them walk the plank


 We went to Barbados and when we were coming back a hurricane was blowing and the mast broke with a snap we had to fix it quick and so we hauled with all our might but rather than lose my ship well I’d sooner lose my life


My daddy told me just before he died son I leave you nothing but I’ll give you some advice be loyal to yourself or else noone else will keep your powder dry and when you shoot shoot to kill

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