Seven years

Well I ain’t a very superstitious guy I think it’s bad luck and I’ll tell you why

I looked in the mirror early one morn’ and said mirror mirror who’s the fairest of all 

I heard a voice behind my back it said it ain’t you baby and that’s a fact

I thought to myself I’m goin’ mad I heard a laugh and the mirror it cracked


It said seven years you got ahead seven years you’ll wish you were dead seven years you’ll cry and shout seven years you won’t sleep at night 

I said to myself it’s just last night I drank too much I ain’t feelin’ quite right so I took myself down to the bar below I picked up a drink and away I go 


I saw her comin’ to my side I didn’t say nothin’ but she asked for a light I knew just what she was thinkin’ about I hesitated and the voice it shout


I gave her a light and we talked for a spell and for the next seven years she gave me hell so if you believe in fantasy not in facts you better watch out if your mirror it cracks   

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