Originally from Dublin, Kieran left Ireland at an early age and has since lived in Paris, London, Brussels and Madrid. He has a passion for authentic rock music, he has developed his own personal style and has performed extensively in Europe where he has gained popularity in a number of different countries. His well-crafted songs, the themes of which go beyond the generic, are high-energy, upbeat and exciting. They appeal to a wide range of listeners. His music has featured on U.S. television and he has played and worked with different bands as well as working in the music industry in the areas of publishing and production. His style has more than a hint of Rockabilly among other influences. His songs are at times humorous with heavy guitar riffs and a retro feel - several feature his Blues Harmonica playing. Kieran is currently based in Madrid where he is actively working on new songs


I’ve just seen Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s video WAP – Wet Ass Pussy – and I’m outraged. Would that hip-hop song with pornographic undercurrents have been allowed in my day? As I watched it in disbelief, it made me ponder: did we behave with such godless disdain for the parameters established by decency …

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Sweet Bird Of Paradise

                                                           Sweet Bird Of Paradise My sweet bird of paradise I miss you it seems so long since you been away from home  my sweet bird of paradise I miss you night and day spread your wings come fly your way back home My sweet bird of paradise you’ve gone so far away they say if …

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Snow white

In a land a long time ago there was a young girl with skin as white as snow Her hair was black and her face was pale and she is the subject of a very strange tale Poor snow white so young and innocent she had to go and live with seven strange men Seven …

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Seven years

Well I ain’t a very superstitious guy I think it’s bad luck and I’ll tell you why I looked in the mirror early one morn’ and said mirror mirror who’s the fairest of all  I heard a voice behind my back it said it ain’t you baby and that’s a fact I thought to myself …

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I’d like to be Patrick Swayze he’s got a degree in philosophy He’s worked as a bouncer in a roadhouse bar  Well he’s a dirty dancer he’s a Hollywood star Well he’s a hotrod engine he’s a lovin’ machine he’s the cutest dancer I ever  Did see he looks like a model when he plays …


Open Sesame

A genie came to me one day from a bottle someone’d thrown away he said three wishes to you I’ll grant I said there’s only one thing I want well she’s a called sesame and it’s hard to say if she’s a dream or a fairytale but each time I call her name she doesn’t …

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