Originally from Dublin, Kieran left Ireland at an early age and has since lived in Paris, London, Brussels and Madrid. He has a passion for authentic rock music, he has developed his own personal style and has performed extensively in Europe where he has gained popularity in a number of different countries. His well-crafted songs, the themes of which go beyond the generic, are high-energy, upbeat and exciting. They appeal to a wide range of listeners. His music has featured on U.S. television and he has played and worked with different bands as well as working in the music industry in the areas of publishing and production. His style has more than a hint of Rockabilly among other influences. His songs are at times humorous with heavy guitar riffs and a retro feel - several feature his Blues Harmonica playing. Kieran is currently based in Madrid where he is actively working on new songs

Land of the rising sun

Well they come into town with their cameras loaded Like modern day Trojans in their air-conditioned coaches Stand in line efficiently ordered then walk around in circles with their maps unfolded Chorus They been dreamin’ all year about havin’ some fun when they’re workin’ in the land of the risin’ sun They’ll look you in …

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Jen Has Found Love Again

At the mall  Trying to buy food Look at the press and there’s                           Only bad news War in  the middle east Corrupt president But in the midst of this gloom                            I learn Jen has found love again But Jen Has found love again   Home in the evening She got no place to go Been working …

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Go ugly early

I never agreed that it’s quality that counts and anything that comes my way man I’m gonna pounce people stop and ask me if I’m goin’ blind but I not fussy I’ll take anything I’ll find You don’t need to look like a beauty queen or a plastic top model from a magazine Go ugly …

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