Originally from Dublin, Kieran left Ireland at an early age and has since lived in Paris, London, Brussels and Madrid. He has a passion for authentic rock music, he has developed his own personal style and has performed extensively in Europe where he has gained popularity in a number of different countries. His well-crafted songs, the themes of which go beyond the generic, are high-energy, upbeat and exciting. They appeal to a wide range of listeners. His music has featured on U.S. television and he has played and worked with different bands as well as working in the music industry in the areas of publishing and production. His style has more than a hint of Rockabilly among other influences. His songs are at times humorous with heavy guitar riffs and a retro feel - several feature his Blues Harmonica playing. Kieran is currently based in Madrid where he is actively working on new songs

Do the doggy

If you come walkin’ along down my street you might hear a howls and a shouts my baby don’t like my nasty habits says that I never take her out ooooooooooh You eat like a pig and you eat like a hog with a snort snort snort snort snort snort snort the washin’ better be …

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Desert Dust

Let me tell you ‘bout a billion souls all of them lost and trying to find their way home. But when I come to the end of the road I’ll go where the sun shines and the tumbleweed blows ‘Cause freedom’s my cry and liberty’s my song this body of mine’s been a cage too …

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Captain Blood

I was just a young boy when I first set out to sea the army didn’t want me so I joined the navy I learned to use a sabre and I learned to use a gun I’ll take the Queen’s silver but i’ll take orders from no one                                                              Chorus So lock up your daughters ’cause …

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On a nightflite through the Milky Way We took a wrong turn and we lost our way The engine took a turn for the worse So I came down to take a look at the earth At first I thought I’d like this place  But now I’m running from the human race Scottie please tell …

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Beam Me Up

On a flight through the milky way we took a wrong turn and we lost our way  the engine turned for the worse so I came down to take a look at the earth At firstIi thought I’d like this place but now I’m running from the human race  Scottie these people are warped to …

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