Johnny Two Kebabs



Note from the editor

I was humbled to have been asked by Johnny to edit the memoirs he had written over the previous year. He explained to me that as his movements had been greatly curtailed by the Covid pandemic he had decided once and for all to recount some of his experiences and how he had met the challenge of fighting evil.

I have made some minor adjustments to Johnny’s text but generally speaking it is as he gave it to me and I have limited myself to dividing the account into chapters and correcting some typos and spelling mistakes. One thing I should point out to the reader is that Johnny tends to speak about himself in the third person so instead of Saying for example “And then I entered the

kitchen” he will usually say “And then Johnny entered the kitchen”. This is something I haven’t changed in the text as I feel that this is an integral part of Johnny and maybe among some of the characteristics which separate him from the ordinary man (or woman)

Kieran Mc Kenna,  Madrid, January 2021

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